BASSMENT Tour - Sydney

BASSMENT Tour - Sydney

by Rui Kamata

It’s not often you get to go to Australia, it’s even less often you get to go to Australia doing what you love, next to people who love the same thing. 

In a huge leap forward, with help from SHIFT, Bassment put on their first ever Australian show at Club 77 in Sydney, showing our mates from the pond how we throw down.

On March 17th Bassment brought its best, included on the line-up were a few familiar faces; T1R, Haan808, Sysyi, Sturling & the man himself, Katana.
Playing on their home turf, it’d be rude not to have some locals come through, so also on the line-up we saw some of our favourite producers; Anh, Aywy & Swindail.

The event was an absolute killer, with Eagle Eye Visuals behind the camera, we got to capture a glimpse of the whole tour and the night itself. The special thing about events like this, is Bassment gets to take the ‘New Zealand sound’ – which is relatively new, experimental and still developing – and bring it overseas to people who also enjoy the same sound, that we can’t exactly label.

That’s how you know it’s about to be a vibe, when you pull up to the venue and the gangs wearing those classic Black shirts with that spinning projection behind the DJ. That’s when you know it’s good, that’s when you know it’s Bassment.

Future shows in Australia are yet to be confirmed.

Author: Ollie Powell