by Rui Kamata


BASSMENT and local producer HYAN have teamed up to design this charity Tee to support Toi Ora, aiding the mental health recovery of local creatives.

Ora Tee is only available for the next 4 weeks. You can pre-order and purchase from Everpress website.

Support comes in many different shapes and sizes. Something small to you can mean the world to someone else. 

It’s importance shouldn’t be understated.

I wanted to work alongside BASSMENT to create a T-shirt that fully embodies the ‘support your local’ moto that I love so much.

Being a musician can feel extremely isolating. A lot of artists struggle with mental health issues and unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel like a system of support is in place.

Toi Ora is an Auckland based community arts trust providing a creative space and learning opportunities for people using mental health services. They offer an opportunity for people to use creativity to heal, exhibit work and develop skills.

To me, Toi Ora is the epitome of ‘support your local’ and that is why I wanted to involve them in this project.

We will be donating all proceeds from the T-shirt sales to Toi Ora.

I want anyone who purchases this shirt to wear it with pride.

Not only are you wearing the moto but you’re actively supporting two groups who live by it, helping kiwi creatives reach goals and live a happy and healthy life.

Thank you.

This wouldn’t be made possible with our your support.


A special thank you to Oli Spenser, Daemon Rose & Olive Boe for helping pull this project together.

Toi Ora -