BASSMENT VOL.01 - Album Launch Event

BASSMENT VOL.01 - Album Launch Event

by Rui Kamata

Bassment, a collective well known by producers, DJs & underground music lovers has kicked off with their album release this year.

Since 2016, Bassment has been giving a platform for local producers, with a focus on what beats they make, what tunes they mix & what clothes they wear.

How have they been doing this? Mainly by hosting mad parties and making it possible for local cats to tour nationally & internationally.

October 27th 2018 was something special, their first album release. With a secret location and a boiler room styled setup Bassment Founder & Legendary DJ, Katana, let the showcasing artists do their thing and throw down their best tracks.

Walking up the stairs into the event, it was clear to see Bassment has established itself. With great visuals, awesome beats & a functioning bar showing kind of environment Bassment hosts.

The line-up had a few familiar names with the likes of T1r, Wayvee, Sturling, Ngaroma, Yancey, and Nets coming through to support the scene.

For some of these guys, this was the first time their tracks have showcased on Spotify, solidifying their titles as ‘Artists’.

From here, Bassment is going to continue showcasing local artists & supporting the scene, whether it’s through a Radio feature, dope merch or even a re-post on their Soundcloud, Bassment is here.

The Album is now available on all digital platforms: Soundcloud, Youtube & Spotify.

Vol.2 is still in the works, with no confirmed release date.

Special thanks to Brothers Beer for making this all possible.

Author: Ollie Powell