by Rui Kamata

Based in Tokyo, the Photography collective and creative agency, Inspiration Cult Magazine complements the BASSMENT brand by offering support and management to contemporary independent creatives, with focus on the underground urban photography scene.

The BASSMENT x Inspiration Cult Magazine collaboration was manifested through a shared vision which drew inspiration from the New Zealand rave culture and its mesh with photography urbanity.

The collaboration features a cap and a hat, which are handmade in Japan. This utility style of headwear combines streetwear fashion with notes of rave embellishments to offer a unique and practical approach to the crafted merchandise. Understanding the conceptualization of these items is what adds to both the BASSMENT and ICM philosophies and further builds the brands’ objectives.

Both items are waterproof, windproof & breathable Japan-made fabric. With black on black embroidery, and 3M neon yellow reflective tag on the back, which draws influence from the yellow colour of festival bands, this collaboration acts as an illustration of the urban culture in which underground music and photography thrives.

The BASSMENT x Inspiration Cult Magazine collaboration is a reflection of friendship and passion towards a shared goal of the survival and flourishment of creatives both in the music and photography scene, and this partnership eternalizes that shared vision.

You can purchase these cap & hat from our online store now.

Author: Shreta Prasad