by Rui Kamata

BASSMENT and Sony Music New Zealand are proud to announce the release of BASSMENT VOL. 01 on October 19. BASSMENT VOL. 1 features 11 brand new original tracks produced by the most exciting BASSMENT collective alumni including T1R, Wayvee, Yancey, Jawwni and more.

BASSMENT is an underground music brand/movement founded by Rui Kamata (aka “KATANA”) in 2016 to support and develop the New Zealand Bass Music movement and our local bedroom producer community.

Rui’s BASSMENT events have provided a platform and creative hub for new talent across the country to network and transition from SoundCloud hobbyists to bona fide live performers and artists.

Originally hailing from Japan, KATANA (Rui) has been mixing tracks on dancefloors in his adopted hometown of Auckland for well over a decade. Through his constant pursuit and interest for new technology and trends, KATANA’s style is ever-evolving to stay at the leading edge of the shifting world of DJ-ing and producing.

BASSMENT VOL. 1 brings together talent seen and heard at BASSMENT events since 2016 including Ngaroma, HYAN, T1R, KATANA, Jawni, Yancey, Chef B, Wayvee, LOUD, Jeddy Beats, sturling and nets.

Hyde – Jeddy Beats
Range – nets
Green & Yellow – HYAN
Seam – T1R
Transit – Ngaroma
Redeo – Jawni
xplore – sturling
PASSAGE - Wayvee
Space feat. Barrera – LOUD
Panther – Yancey & Chef B