BASSMENT x Guccimaze collaboration

BASSMENT x Guccimaze collaboration

by Rui Kamata

The BASSMENT x Guccimaze collaboration came into fruition through a unity of stylistic approach between the BASSMENT brand and Yuta Kawaguchi’s designs. Known as Guccimaze, Kawaguchi is an independent, Japanese Graphic designer, Art director and Graphic artist, thus establishing the alliance between two independent creative companies; a philosophy that BASSMENT lives by.

With a unique style of typography that utilizes the vibrancy and contrast between colours, Guccimaze has established his own distinctive scripture that strays from conventional norms, which fits into the essence of individualism that BASSMENT exudes.

Skilled in fashion brand logos, print graphics, textile designs, editorial designs such as catalogues and books, CD jacket designs, website designs and overall creative direction, Kawaguchi brings the unified purpose of both BASSMENT and Guccimaze that encourages creative stimulation to life, and creates a harmonious collaboration.

The BASSMENT x Guccimaze collaboration features three pieces; one black t-shirt, one fluorescent yellow t-shirt and a black hoodie. These items showcase Guccimaze’s stylised typography, that displays the BASSMENT logo, in iridescent and shimmering font-work, with simple lettering on the sleeve of the hoodie and front of the shirt, saying the BASSMENT slogan; “Support your local artists”.

This collaboration demonstrates the intertwining nature of streetwear fashion and graphic design, as it combines wearable items with distinctive and unique illustrations. This elevates BASSMENT’S objective to aid in the growth of creatives not only in New Zealand, but all around the world.

After working with various well-known names such as Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Fetty Wap, and brands tied closely to Kanye West, Guccimaze’s collaboration with BASSMENT is one that stands for the support of independent creatives and their collaborative power when standing as a collective that works alongside one another, rather than striving alone.

BASSMENT x GUCCIMAZE T-shirts is available now.


Author: Shreta Prasad.